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Correction and editing

A letter of application with spelling mistakes will not make a favourable impression. And a website containing grammatical mistakes or ambiguities is not the perfect business card for your company. However, under the pressure of a deadline a mistake is easily made.If you want to make sure that your text doesn't contain any mistakes, let me check your text for spelling mistakes, typing errors and grammar.If you want to ensure your text doesn’t contain incorrect usage and that the text is logically structured, you can choose to have it edited. In addition to the normal corrections, I will see to it that the style and usage of your text fit in with the target group aimed at, so your message will come across clearly.

Correction and editing

Do you have a text you want to have published or want to share with others, but you feel it is too long or too detailed? You only want to describe the essence? I’ll be happy to make a summary for you. Of course after consultation, and if so desired combined with the translation. So, also for editorial revision and bringing your current documents and texts to perfection, Van Ledden Translations will gladly be of service.